September 3, 2016

Some friends and I were on an early morning hike at Whitaker Point in Hawksbill Crag, Arkansas. There were others gathered on the cliff, waiting to watch the sunrise over the mountains. I looked a candid picture of a young couple looking out over the cliff. I showed them the picture and offered to email it to them. They were very grateful.

Minutes later, the guy, Seth, comes back over to me by himself. He leans in, holds out a ring in a box and simply says, "I'll give you a nod, okay?" No ask, no hesitation. He was confident and ready. I merely shook my head in surprise and anxiously found a good spot to sit.

Less than a minute later, he nods, they stand up, and he pulls out the ring, and drops down on one knee.

His now fiance, Jennifer, was terribly surprised and overwhelmingly said "yes!"

What a lovely moment that I am both honored and grateful to be a small part of. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve Seth and Jennifer in such a small, unique way! Here are some of my favorite shots I took.