November 26th, 2016

Let me just start by saying that Mitch and Alison are a ton of fun. I knew from the phone calls leading up to the wedding, this was going to be quite the party. In short: the dance party lasted over 3 hours, there were never fewer than 75 people on the dance floor, and everyone danced. By everyone, I mean everyone (even very old grandparents went hard for over an hour).


Alison is an old friend and wanted me to shoot her photos because she "knew me and knew I wasn't afraid to yell at people in order to make it all happen." I'm honestly laughing really hard as I type that, but it's true. Mitch is hilarious, has hilarious friends, and they all had a genuinely fun time. Nothing was forced, everyone just really cut back and enjoyed themselves.


I wish I could have captured the audio from Mitch and Alison's vows to each other. Both beautifully articulated and crafted into a moving convent toward each other, they proved to be some of my favorite wedding vows I've ever heard (and I've been to 63 weddings in the past 5 years alone). Their commitment was inspiring. Luckily, I had my camera to cover my face to hide my watery eyes.


Mitch and Alison are just good, passionate people. I encourage you to find a Mitch and Alison to surround yourself with. At the very least, they will make your wedding a blast as they go hard on the dance floor.