December 9th, 2016

Jonathan and Polly are two of my best friends. While I've known Jonathan since high school, I just met Polly in San Diego during the Summer of 2015. Jonathan also met Polly there for the first time. They started dating that Summer, and here we are now.


We drove up to Lincoln the night before the proposal. Polly thought Jonathan was busy studying for Finals and had a packed weekend. The next day, Polly woke up and prepared for her Final. She thought she was doing a photo shoot afterward with another photographer to get some professional headshots. After her Final, the photographer and Polly's best friend, Mercades, picked her up from campus. Jonathan and I were waiting at Holmes Lake in Lincoln. Per usual, I was hiding, crouched behind a tree. Jonathan sat at the end of a peninsula that jets out on to the lake. 


Mercades' car pulled up, they got out, and walked to the peninsula (just like we planned). Mercades took Polly's coat and told her to start walking out to the water. As she did, Jonathan stood up, turned around, and smiled as he faced her. He stood about 30 yards from Polly, so she asked, "who is that?" as she proceeded to walk in that direction. It took a minute, but she finally realized it was Jonathan and took off after him. Mercades and the other photographer left, while I came out from hiding and started shooting.


I managed to shoot a couple hundred photos, all while bracing the 23 degrees we had been waiting in for 20 minutes. I held back tears, which seemed impossible. I had already cried as I prayed with Jonathan minutes before Polly arrived.


What a moment. The intimacy demonstrated in those few minutes is indescribable. What an honor to just be present for the flourishing of this beautiful relationship.