Bratislava is my home. It’s where I live, work, and spend my day-to-day. This collection of photos is continually growing and evolving as I take photos during occasional walks through the city.


Most of what you’d want to see in Bratislava is composed of 8-12 blocks. However, other gems hide outside of that range, including the Slavin War Memorial and Devin Castle. Therefore, you can see much of the city in just a few hours. But make sure to get lost in the tiny alleyways and hidden streets in Old Town.


My recommendations? Coffee at Fach Bistro (where Mozart played his first concert at age 7), a traditional Slovak meal at the Slovak Pub, a fantastic burger from Roxor, the views from the UFO Bridge Tower, sunset at the Bratislava Castle, and a short bus ride out to Devin Castle.