January 16th-19th, 2018

Athens is one of my favorite cities in the world. I first visited Athens in Spring of 2016 and think the place is just alive. The city itself has a warmth and an energy that’s sensational, almost as though it has a pulse of its own. The photos you’ll see are just pure garbage compared to Athens real beauty!


My Team and I were on our way to a conference in Cyprus and found that it was cheaper to stop into Athens on the way. We decided to stay a few days, and got to hang out with the Athens Team (who are super awesome and we love them).


We did it all: Mars Hill, the Parthenon, Mount Lycabettus, and just getting to roam the beautiful stress at the base of the Acropolis. We took a day to hop on the ferry to the nearby island of Egina, rented cars for the day, and just explored. Finally, we hoped on the train for a little over an hour to see the ancient hilltop fortress of Acrocorinth, which looms over and protected the ancient Biblical city of Corinth for hundreds of years. At the bottom of the monolithic rock, you’ll find the ancient city of Corinth, were you can see what scholars believe is the Christian Church that Paul wrote to. The trip up there was 100% work it! The photos don’t do it justice at all.


My recommendations? Pay the dang 12 Euro to go up to the Parthenon, because it’s totally worth it. Get an Indian Souvlaki at “Mirch.” Walk up to Mars Hill where Paul preached. Make sure to find a traditional Greek restaurant (literally every 20 feet), order a ton of stuff, and split it with your table. Be adventurous on what you order! You HAVE to hike up to the monastery on Mount Lycabettus before sunset and watch the sun dip down into the Aegean in the evening. It’s the best 360 degree view of Athens and the best way to soak it all in. Take the 1.5 hour train from Athens to Corinth! Skip the modern city of Corinth, though, and head up to the ancient mountaintop fortress of Acrocorinth. Get a nighttime drink up at the “A for Athens” rooftop bar with a direct view of the lit-up Acropolis. Every corner has ancient ruins that cover the city in their gorgeous crème-colored marble. Stop to read every plague and immerse yourself in the history! I promise, you’ll be thankful you did.