February 25th, 2017

I've known Andrew and Rachel since early 2015. I love Rachel. I love her beautiful singing voice, I love her sass, I love how she over-spiritualizes everything to make me feel guilty (even though it drives me crazy), and I love making fun of her (seriously, so much fun). I love Andrew. I love how he's a total bro, I love when he whispers uncomfortable things in Rachel's ear to make her laugh, I love his sincerity, and I love his hair (what a total babe). I love Andrew and Rachel. They are just good people and good friends.


Back in December, Rachel asked me if I would shoot their engagement photos. I offered to do so as my wedding gift to them and Rachel was ecstatic. Since they'd be saving the money, I suggested that we take a day trip somewhere "else" for some cool views/scenery (nothing against Nebraska!). She asked, "what do you have in mind?" I replied, "well, if you're willing to drive 7 hours, how about Rocky Mountain National Park?" Her response was an obnoxious explosion of various emojis. So in college-girl language, that's a yes.


Two months later, I hopped in the car with my best friend and travel buddy, John, and we headed up to Nebraska. We got in the car with Andrew, Rachel, and our other good friend, Mercades, and were off. This group has a LOT of history together, so we knew it would be a grand time (search the hashtag #CaliCoastRoadTrip2k16 for proof).

We arrived in Estes Park to a gorgeous mountainside cabin, generously provided by my good friends, Mike and Amy (the most hospitable people on Earth). We spent out time driving through the mountains for hours, jumping out of the car in freezing wind to capture some amazing shots. Frozen toes and chapped lips weren't going to stop us.


Andrew and Rachel were total naturals; a photographer's dream. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them.